Information Technology in India

India is a country with an ancient civilization and a rich tradition of culture dating back to many centuries. Her literary heritage is one of the oldest in the world. The Indian tradition of learning has reached gradually to the age of modern Information Technology, culminating into the latest Software technology available anywhere in the world.

India is proud to have a pulsating world of Software Personnel spread all over the vast Information Technology country. We develop Software in English language which, though of foreign origin, is a rich one, giving us facility for international communication.
India has made rapid strides in the field of software and today Indian software developing is one of the greatest in the world and can be counted among the first IT nations. Besides, India is the only country in the third world which is self-sufficient in software development.
There are a number of IT companies bringing out nearly a large number of software every year, of which mostly are in English. Indian software covers a wide range of subjects including School Management System, School ERP System, College Management System. In recent years, software on education and technology, medicines and computers etc. developed by Indian IT professionals, have also made a mark in international IT sector. Over the years, the production quality of Indian software for schools, colleges and universities has improved considerably and with its low production costs, India is now fast emerging as a centre of quality software development. Many foreign IT companies are now availing the services of Indian software personnel and software companies.

Today, India exports software including software for schools, colleges and universities to West European countries, USA, Australia and many more countries of the world. Some of the IT companies also have been able to make a mark in the international software circles and, therefore, IT companies around the world are now turning to India for their requirements especially for School Management Software, College Management Software and University Campus Management Software.

Now trends are emerging in the field of Information Technology. Research has already shifted to Internet and electronic media. The Indian IT is finding its own solutions and strategies to meet the situation and surge forward in the field of school automation, college automation and university campus automation.

Information Technology in India is truly colossus – assort of ‘giant in slumbers’ with needs to be awakened and given its due status and identity.

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