Welcome to Vista View
Vista View™ is the source of choice for Home Theatre PC equipment.  We bring the finest equipment to the HTPC market.  We strive for you to be truly happy about each and every piece of Vista View™ equipment that you purchase. We are dedicated to producing the equipment that consumer’s desire.

All our products undergo extensive real world testing to ensure that they not only work in ideal conditions but perform for you, when you need them to, in our less than perfect world.

We strongly believe that products can not be developed in a sterile laboratory.  You, the customer know what you want.  It is our job to listen carefully and then deliver products that do what you want, at a fair price. Knowing our customer is very important to us at Vista View™.  Let us know about our products that you like and about products that you are looking for.   We want to hear from you, write to us at [email protected]